Wednesday, February 25, 2015

"First I came to God...

While doing dishes today, a phrase came to me that I'm... admittedly rather pleased with. As a soundbite type phrase, it does explain things rather well.

"First I came to God. Then I came to my senses."

It really does work that way, for myself as well as many others. Many of those who call themselves atheist started off as believers, to one degree or another. (And not just to Christianity, though it's what we in the US are most familiar with.) We went to church, were "saved" one way or another - because, face it, there is really no agreement among the sects on how "saved" you are, and they insist the others are wrong. We "brought God into our lives" or "invited Jesus into our hearts."

Then something happened. Things didn't make sense. Many of us went out and actually did more than the Sunday Skip - you know, "read Romans I... now back to Ezra... now over to II Corinthians... a verse from Deuteronomy... and let's throw in some Revelations for spice." This is not reading the Bible (or any other book, "holy" or otherwise.) No, many of us *read* the bible, or perhaps the Qu'ran, and found it more than just wanting, but even vile. Hardly a moral book. Definitely not consistent. And searched...

Eventually coming to "I cannot believe in God, not as described. God and religion do not mesh with reality." Maybe we drifted through other religions, seeing them with a critical eye, before settling on atheism - a lack of religion, a lack of belief in a deity, because the world works the way it does without the intervention or need of one.

So, yes. First, I came to God. Then I came to my senses.

How true it is...

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