Tuesday, October 8, 2013

"Sorry to hear that..."

Well, I finally got this reply thrown at me... and pretty much from one of the people I expected it from.

The setup - Facebook, of course. Sending a link to the Senate chaplain's daily berating of congress in the prayer. Now, as an atheist, I don't think this should start with a prayer - but I appreciate and applaud what this guy's doing with the seat he's given. And I say as much, pretty much that way.

The reply I get? Nothing to do with what's shown. Nope. "Sad to hear the atheist part."

*Tactfully,* I just reply, "Should never be sad for that."

What I want to say?

Why would you be sad that I've chosen to live my life no longer enslaved to bronze age mythology and a book run through with hatred, racism, sexism, people being rewarded for lying and deceiving?

Why should anyone be sad I choose to actually DO something whenever I can as opposed to mumbling at the voice in my head when someone needs help?

Why should anyone be sad I give credit to the police, the soldiers, the doctors and other professionals, other PEOPLE, who do something nice instead of giving credit to a nonexistent being? You know, the people who ACTUALLY put the time in to learn their profession?

Why should I be sad I no longer carry Christian guilt for the "sin" of being human? Or the christian "never good enough, only God is" complex?

Should I be sad I have to take responsibility for my own deeds, as opposed to "praying the guilt away" if I do something wrong?

Should I be sad I do believe in the equality of all people, man, woman, regardless of race or sexual orientation?

Hell no. I'm not sad. If anything, I'm sad you've decided to stay chained to that ancient bullshit.

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